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Lavender Sachet Set


Freshen any space with our lavender sachet. This set of three is perfect for closets, drawers, cars, linens, and more. Each sachet is filled with our farm-grown, natural dried lavender buds, offering you a lasting sweet fragrance. They make delightful gifts or favors for many occasions!

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Freshen your surroundings with our lavender sachets. You will find so many uses for this set of 3 natural sachets.

  • closets
  • drawers
  • cars
  • suitcases
  • bags
  • linens

These versatile sachets can be placed anywhere you desire a sweet, fresh fragrance. Each muslin sachet, approximately 2.5 x 3 inches, is filled with our natural dried lavender buds.

As lavender buds dry out, they become more fragrant, ensuring your sachets last for years. When their potency begins to fade, simply massage the pouch to reactivate the lavender oil in each bud. With care, you can continue to enjoy the soothing aroma of lavender for years to come.

Whether used for personal enjoyment or gifted as a thoughtful gesture, our lavender sachets are sure to delight on any occasion!

Ingredients: Prairie Pines lavender buds

Weight: 3 oz.

Size: Approximately 2.5” x 3” each

Packaging: 3 muslin sachets


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