Can you sell us a live tree that we can plant after Christmas?

We often get this question this time of year. While it is an exciting idea to choose a Christmas tree that can be planted after the Christmas season, Prairie Pines does not offer this option. We have found that the majority of trees sold as live Christmas trees do not survive and we have chosen to focus on the choose and cut process instead. When we do get this call or question, we usually refer all inquiries to a local nursery that specializes in landscape trees. You will get your best advice from the experts at your local nursery.

If you do decide to choose a living tree option, here are some things to keep in mind that will support the chances your live tree will survive the process.

  • Be sure to choose a tree variety that is suited to this region. We do not grow fir trees here because they are not suitable for the climate we have.
  • Choose a tree that has a well-covered rootball with no exposed roots – preferably balled and burlap style.
  • Select the spot you want to plant your tree before bringing your tree home. Dig a hole larger than the root ball of the tree. Keep the dirt in a protected area so it does not freeze. Fill the hole with mulch to keep the ground where you will be planting from freezing.
  • Do not put the tree into the warm house immediately after bringing it home. Place it in a protected area such as a garage for a few days to acclimate to warmer air. Repeat this process before moving it back outdoors.
  • Keep the tree in your house for only 7-10 days.
  • When ready to plant your tree, use the soil that has been saved from the hole and plant as usual. You can mix in some in-ground potting soil to hold moisture. Do not expose the roots. Top with mulch and stake tree to protect from strong winds.