Glad to be back!

After just our 3rd night of the spring mystery show, we shut down with the rest of the world. The unknown potential of this pandemic was a huge blow here at Prairie Pines. The theater and the farm were quiet all spring and summer. It’s just not the same around here without our guests. We are excited to finally be back in the theatre preparing for our holiday show which will open in a couple of weeks. Yes, it will have some changes, but we know the fun will be worth it. Here are some of the changes we have made to keep everyone as safe as possible.

  • Our guests will be asked to wear masks when not seated at their table.
  • Staff and servers will wear masks
  • Actors will not be in the audience serving or performing
  • Seating will be limited to half capacity
  • Tables will be spaced out 6′ apart whenever possible

The actors will not wear masks but, for the time being, they are being very cautious! Even with the limits 2020 has placed on us all, we know the show will bring us all some much-needed fun and laughter.

For tickets and more information, be sure to visit