Real or fake?

It’s an annual choice for families every year. Find out why cutting a fresh tree every year is a natural choice!

It’s been a tradition for centuries now – the beautifully decorated Christmas tree. It lifts our spirits and brings the holiday celebration right into our living rooms. Here at Prairie Pines, we love this final part of our farm year. We are making preparations for another season of merriment! We truly believe the best choice for your Christmas tree is a real tree.

Real trees are “GREEN”

Artificial trees are made with petroleum products and metal. These are non-renewable resources. They are mostly made in pollution-producing factories in China and shipped across the ocean in pollution-producing freight ships. The average artificial tree is estimated to be in use for only 6 years. They are not biodegradable and will end up in a landfill indefinitely.

Fresh cut trees are grown by farmers who plant young seedlings at a rate of 3:1 for every tree that is cut during the holiday season. These farmers are often using land that is not suitable for other crops preserving green spaces all over the world. Tree farms are also beneficial for the environment. As they grow, they sequester carbon and emit oxygen into the air. Once they are used, real trees are shredded and turned into clean, good for the earth mulch. You can’t get much greener than that!

So breathe deep and cut a real tree this holiday season. You can feel good about the choice!

For more information on why you should cut a real tree, visit the National Christmas Tree Association.