Prairie Pines Lavender

The addition of lavender to Prairie Pines is as much of a surprise to us as it might be to you.  The concept of creating a beautiful lavender field was born out of our vision to invite patrons out to enjoy the farm in each of the 4 seasons. We have a busy fall and early winter with Field of Screams and the Christmas tree farm. Opening a lavender field for everyone to enjoy in the spring and early summer months seemed like a perfect fit. As we grow this new area of our farm, we hope to have something for everyone – choose and cut fresh lavender stems, culinary buds, aromatic dried lavender, soothing home and body products, and culinary treats with that perfect hint of lavender.

We planted our first lavender plants in spring of 2021 and harvested our first crop in spring of 2022. Our product line launched in fall of 2022 and we are still excited to grow our lavender offerings. Our online store will soon be up and running and we are currently developing and adding new products.

The weather has been quite a hurdle for our plants (and us) – flooding rains, extreme heat, drought, and a dramatic and windy winter. But these plants are tough and so are we! We have over 1000 plants coming along in our field and we look forward to sharing this beautiful and fragrant venture with you. Stay tuned for events, more products, and open hours.